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Alike Short
Working in"Alike" animation Short

"Red-Nelb" v0.8

anisculpt 0.7
AniSculpt  0.7,  with new features

Planet 51, see the trailer!,
I was working on this movie nearly three years

AniSculpt technique, using Blender Sculpt tools in animation

My new Inferface for Blender
File and Video Demostration
Big Buck Bunny is out!
I made a tiny collaboration in this
blender short, Take a look!

A comercial for sci-fi channel
(I made the Dog part) only in
youtube quality , sorry :(

"Red-Nelb" v0.4
Watch the Students Demoreel
of Pepe-School-Land
Leg Rig Sample in Blender
Demo video
My Best work ever!
Blender come to my life!
New  videotutorial iluminating with
normal nodes in blender
Max-Maya party 06
The firsts students of
New videotutorial: 
Reference Morpher technique
A couple of online interviews in 3D[e]motions (Spa) and
Animwatch (Eng & Spa)
Singapore conferece Photos
New videotutorial: 
Baking anim meshes in Maya
This technique is used in "changes" animation short
This July Ill be at Singapore giving a conferece about my animations shorts
"Rasca" TV comercial for
New animation short
 added a quicktime version   of the animations
Finally the web of
 Pepe-School-Land is out!
with all information about the courses.
almost all the information is in spanish


Im happy to announce that Pepe-School-Land will be opening by September this year. Pepe-School-Land is a school focused in the creation quality animation shorts by studends

  Finally the web of ilion is out. I have been working at ilion (2002-2005) in the preproduction of animated feature film "Planet one"


New char image in gallery

VideoTutorial :How convert a "3DS Max Biped" into a quick "Bones Rig" in ten minutes (30 mb)


A couple of online interviews

Secret link section is Back! Now is a video with my worst works.

COPI, Pic of the new character of upcoming animation short

Moskito animation


New anim? :) [xvid 3.6 mb]-[mpg 5.7 mb]

3DSMax party 05


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